What is Pasture Chicken?

Pasture Feed Raised Chicken is not a desi chicken it’s a poultry chicken but we give them a healthy feed as compare to local market and branded market, healthy feed is environment friendly like halal insects, flour, rice no artificial food, no injections, no antibiotics, no steroids. We give a complete time to chicks to make a chicken on seven weeks.

Ordinary chicken difference between pasture feed raised chicken

Ordinary chicken

Are easily available in local market but by health in Pakistan it’s really dangerous to eat local market chicken because two weeks of chick can be made chicken in a week with hormonal, steroid and antibiotic feed, Doctors are also claim it’s not good to eat these type of chicken. Branded chicken also not claim that they are providing hormonal, steroid and antibiotic free chicken in Pakistan.

Pasture Feed Raised Chicken

First time in Pakistan history DreamWorld comes with the idea to provide the Pakistani citizens completely the organic and natural food using the land of DreamWorld, Natural and organic food means chicks eating their feed in open grass environment halal insects, wheat and rice and we are making completely seven weeks of chicken then they  go in DreamWorld Slaughter house.

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