About us

We are Freslivery. In Pakistan, it’s the first time DreamWorld introduces the “Pasture Feed Raised Chicken”, reason to introduce the “Pasture Feed Raised Chicken” in the market is health is compromising with poultry chicken, because poultry chicken in Pakistan is feeding with hormonal, antibiotics, steroids injections. We are 100%  pure, pure means feeding on grass, halal insects, wheat, rice free from hormones, antibiotics and steroids. No compromise on health in Covid-19.

Where we are belonging

Dreamworld Resort Karachi

Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Club came into existence in 1996 with a diversified vision to provide both entertainment and social correspondence for its members and visitors. Freslivery is a market place of organic and natural food – a project of Dreamworld.

YES! We are different

First time in Pakistan Pasture Feed Raised Chicken

Freslivery claims it’s providing “Pasture Feed Raised Chicken” and it’s different from local market and BRANDED chicken, and we are proofing it what we are saying, “Pasture Feed Raised Chicken” is natural method for feeding and growing poultry chicken with whole food (rice, flour) and natural feed (grass, insects) and our chicken it’s at least seven weeks old we are doing on our own by using and availing a huge land in DreamWorld. We are not using any antibiotics, steroids, and hormonal injections. We are not compromising on health. SAFE EATING LIVE HEALTHY.

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